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Dread Install

The Power of Three has created their own Interpretation of synthetic, wool and real hair dreadlocks. Dread-styles, lengths and bundles are individually priced. Dreads can be attached temporarily, semi-permanently, or long term!

• $200 Deposit
• $275 Half Head » Twenty dreads installed
• $500 Full Head » Forty dreads installed
• $5 Single dread install 
• $50 Maintenance » Duration varies

Installs require a free consultation that can be booked online.
Dreadlocks start at $15.00 with a $5.00 install.

Box Braids

This type of hairstyle is a "protective style" (a style which can be worn for a long period of time to let natural hair grow and protect the ends of the hair) and is "boxy", consisting of square-shaped hair divisions. We install by using synthetic hair which helps to add thickness as well as helping the natural hair that is in the braid. The installation process of box braids can be lengthy, but once installed they can last for six to eight weeks. They are known for being easy to maintain. Installs require a free consultation that can be booked online. Hair is purchased separately and available in-store.

• $50  Deposit
• $50  Braiding ( Duration varies )


Cornrows are a style of hair braiding, that originated in Africa, in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to make a continuous, raised row. Synthetic hair is braided into natural hair to add colour and length. Installs require a free consultation that can be booked online. Hair is purchased separately and available in-store.

• $50  Deposit
• $50  Cornrows ( Duration varies )

Updo / Curls

A simple women's hairstyle in which the hair is curled, swept up, and fastened away from the face and neck. Bookings are for 1 hour periods and if a longer time is necessary, please notify us in the additional notes section when booking. For weddings and grads please book a free consultation to discuss style and a possible trial run.