Wellness Starts Here

The Power of Three is a heart-felt business located in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Offering a wide variety of health and beauty services provided by expertly trained and educated staff.

Our founders Jessica and Tatiana have been friends for over a decade, exploring the ends of the Continent through their adventures in business as well as fun. The duo always shared a fascination with self-care, the healing industry, and beauty products.

The pair, began their educational journey 8 years ago when they moved to Port Alberni and co-created: The Power of Three –(mind, body, and spirit).

Our boutique is filled with hand-made local items, art, lotions, potions, crystals, books, candles, teas, tarot cards, yoga- gear, and so much more. You can often catch The Power of Three around town at local events and or donating their time to various charities, and organizations.Beautiful Blessings,

-The Power of Three (T.P.O.T.)

Mission Statement

We will trust and honour working together as a whole. United we will continue to embrace the journey of change within our society, providing wellness, beauty, and safety to all of our clients.

The Power of Three Promise

To maintain current interests and gain new knowledge in the services and products we provide. Thank-you for your continued support.

Jessica Philpott

Jessica has been working in the holistic health and massage field since 2012. Jessica’s strengths directly relate to international and deep pressure techniques.

Displaying a variety of different massage certificates such as Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner, Thai Massage, Tok Sen and Reiki, Jessica offers kindness and fairness to all clients she comes into contact with. Jessica desires to further pursue experiences and knowledge to share with others.

She recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Jan Normans Ahimsa Yoga School.

Tatiana Simpson

Tatiana was born a dreamer and innovator. Talking, listening and healing have all come very naturally for Tatiana, and this is where she finds her passion.

Whether it is through her experience with adolescents at youth-groups or through clients in the hair chair. Tatiana is always willing to provide a warm smile, a compassionate ear, and the energy to find a solution. Tatiana is passionate about community and business she can be seen participating throughout events and gatherings in town.

Tatiana learned massage and holistic health at Windsong Collage 2011. Further Tatiana pursued shamanic practices through motivational mentoring 2012. Tatiana further pursued a hair apprenticeship program 2013-2015. Since then she has sparked a journey towards her bachelors in psychology. In 2018 Tatiana completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Anna Wilson

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh.” Perfection is like death -Pema Chödrön

Anna’s personal practice began with a need to repair and strengthen the body after a strenuous season of tree planting. After recovery, she never stopped yoga. She discovered that yoga, no matter who you are, can be beneficial in all aspects of one’s life.

Anna completed her 200hr. Yoga in Schools and Yoga in Studio teacher training in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Breathing Space Studios in 2016. Since then, she has been teaching and traveling throughout Canada and for the past two years, relishing in the magnificent landscape British Columbia has to offer. 

Canticle Clark

Canticle has been doing yoga for 20 years and has been teaching for the last 5 years.

Canticle has completed a 200 HR YTT training, 20 HR Yin Yoga Training, and a Yoga Kids Teacher Training. Canticle has added Reiki Level 1&2 Thai Massage LV 1 & 2 to her training as well as bodywork courses in Point Work therapy/Shiatsu, Hot Stones, and Relaxation Massage.

Canticle has a background in Social Work and Child development. She is very personable, a team player, and really loves to assist people in health, wellness, and happiness.

- Yoga
- Thai Massage
- Table Massage 

Ataya Chaisson

Ataya has been a student of Holistic Healings for over 10 years, through self-taught learning channels and certifiable training courses in more recent years.

She offers treatments such as Thai massage, reiki spiritual healings, oracle card readings, hot stone, and table/relaxation massage. She loves to further her understanding of the way the world works, and where our bodies fit in with health and wellness.

She is passionate about education, healing the mind, body and spirit connection, as well as spending as much time in nature as possible!

"I am a strong believer in Mind-Over-Matter and have seen miraculous things happen when the right attitude is applied. We all have so much to learn in this life, and alignment with my highest self is to honour others by sharing my gifts with them and sharing the healing journey with like-minded individuals. Much Love <3"

Sharon Muller

Sharon was born and raised in Port Alberni. In 2011 she graduated from The PCU College of Holistic Medicine after attending the Spa Practitioner Program.

Sharon enjoyed her time in Vancouver but knew, "Port Alberni was where my heart is". She specializes in Deep Tissue and Sports Therapy Massage, but also provides Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Facial Treatments.

She is overjoyed to provide wellness services to the people of this great town in a calm relaxing, and fun atmosphere. Her favourite part of being a Spa Practitioner is the comfortable, and happy feeling that clients experience after their service when they leave The Power of Three. She wishes to continue learning new skills in the esthetics world, specifically facial care and product knowledge.