8 Simple Steps Post Crystal Healing Facial.

Now that you’ve just enjoyed 90 minutes of pampering during your Crystal Healing Facial, it’s time to talk about what to do after your treatment. What you do after your facial is just as important as the facial itself, especially if you want to get the most out of your facial. We’ll walk you through 8 steps you can take to ensure you take the best care of your skin as possible.

1. Hydrate

Proper hydration before and after your facial will be key to maintaining the benefits of your Crystal Healing Facial. Staying hydrated helps your skin cells function efficiently, flush toxins, and leaves you with glowing skin.

2. Be Gentle

In the days following your facial it’s important to be gentle with your skin. While you may notice redness and acne, avoid harsh exfoliants, masks, acne cream, and picking at your skin. Instead, stick with a gentle cleanser like Cleansing Milk from Medispa Naturals, before following up with a serum and moisturizer. We love the Hyaluronic Serum Medispa Naturals and the Sensitive Skin Cream from Medispa Naturals post treatment.


MediSpa Naturals Hyaluronic Serum

MediSpa Naturals Sensitive Skin Cream

3. Use a Clean Pillow 

Your skin has just been deep cleaned, your pores are open and the last thing we want to do is invite dirt and oil into them. Grab a fresh pillow case so you can keep your skin clean while you sleep. This goes for anything else that might be in touch with your fresh face like towels, face or eye masks. 

4. Wear SPF

While we encourage you to wear SPF everyday (yes, even in the winter), it is especially important after your facial. Your freshly exfoliated skin is more likely to burn or become irritated when exposed to the sun. Try and stay out of the sun for the couple days following your appointment and remember the sunscreen!

5. Skip the Makeup

Your skin might be red or irritated following your appointment and you might be tempted to cover up with concealer or foundation, but try to let your skin be so it can breathe and heal. Makeup will clog your open pores, inviting dirt and oil into your freshly deep cleaned skin. Skip the heavy makeup and go all natural if you can. 

6. Follow your Aesthetician’s Advice

We are here to help you take the best possible care for your beautiful face, so if we tell you to do or not do something, please listen to us. We want you to feel confident and beautiful in your skin!

7. Build a Solid Skin Care Routine

Following a solid skin care routine that is specific to your needs, combined with regular facials, gives you the best chance at beautiful and glowing skin. We’re here to help you in this regard too, feel free to chat with us after your appointment.

8. Book your next Appointment

Combining at-home skin care with in-spa treatments will help you maintain natural glowing skin for years to come. We suggest at minimum, booking quarterly facials when the seasons are changing, this will help you adjust your skin and skin care to the different seasons, addressing specific needs in each season. 

We hope that this along with our Preparing for your Crystal Healing Facial help you feel confident and excited for your treatment! 

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