Trifecta Couples Massage

The Power of Three is excited to offer our Trifecta Couples Luxury Massage! We've combined Quartz crystal singing bowls with a relaxing massage, creating the ultimate healing experience for you and your partner. 

During this 90 minute Trifecta Couples Luxury Massage, our three expertly trained practitioners will take you and your partner through a transformative experience utilizing the healing powers of massage and chakra attuned Quartz-crystal singing bowls. Both practices offer their own healing powers, and are intensified when done together. This experience is sure to melt stress away, reconnect you and your partner, and leave you both feeling rested and rejuvenated. 

Why did we combine massage and singing bowls?

Massage therapy has been shown to lower stress, manage pain, and boost mental health and wellness. Many studies have shown massage therapy helps our bodies relax through warming soft tissue, lowering our heart rate, and releasing feel good hormones. This full body relaxation can also help signal to our mind that we are in a safe environment and can rest. The increased temperature of the muscles being massaged signals to the rest of our body to relax and loosen. This is the ideal opportunity to breathe deeply and let yourself be; clear your mind of work and stress, be present in your body.

Couples massage offers a spectacular way to connect with your partner on a deep level. Each of you will have your own massage therapist who will cater to your specific needs, helping you reach ultimate relaxation. After your massage you’ll both be completely blissed out, feeling positive and content with life.

While massage therapy on it’s own is a fantastic stress reducer, adding in chakra attuned Quartz-crystal singing bowls, takes the experience to an entirely new level. Since ancient times, music has been recognized for its therapeutic value. Music and sound have healing powers, there are numerous benefits to sound therapy. Singing bowls have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease tension and fatigue, while increasing focus and clarity, and calming the body and mind. Sound baths have also been shown to reduce physical pain, especially in people aged 40-59. 

Our chakra attuned Quartz-crystal singing bowls, played by our expertly trained practitioner will elevate your massage to the next level. Quartz-crystal is a well known healing stone and each bowl is attuned to a specific chakra. The bowls are designed to help cleanse and clear negative energy, inviting light and positivity to you and your partner. This experience is unique to The Power of Three in Port Alberni, and was designed with you in mind. We’re here to facilitate deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and connection for you and your partner. Book yours today!