Preparing for your Crystal Healing Facial

Getting a facial is one of our favourite forms of self care; facials force you to slow down and relax, they’re fantastic for your skin, and will leave you feeling glowy and calm. To get the best results out of your facial, here are our tips to prepare for your Crystal Healing Facial treatment! 


  • Avoid the sun and/or tanning beds

Spending the days leading up to your facial in the sun can make your facial less effective. Facials are meant to help reduce and repair sun damage, and spending days in the sun can counteract with the products used during your facials. Give your face its best chance by wearing SPF (every day!) and avoiding the sun in the days leading up to your appointment. 

  • Avoid exfoliating and harsh chemicals

At home exfoliants are typically designed to exfoliate only the top layer of skin, they usually contain glycolic acid and retinol which can negatively counteract with the products used during your appointment, potentially leading to painful and irritated skin. Avoid any issues and let your aesthetician exfoliate.


  • Avoid waxing or threading 

In the days leading up to your facial, avoid waxing or threading, as they act as an exfoliant and open the pores on your face. This can lead to irritation during and after your facial. Instead, leave the waxing/threading until after your appointment or at least a week before.

  • Avoid popping pimples

For the same reasons listed above, we want to avoid irritating your face and opening your pores prior to your facial. Popped pimples often mean inflamed and irritated skin, which can be uncomfortable during the massage portion of your facial. The open pores also run the risk of being clogged during the facial process, which can lead to more acne down the road. Best bet, leave your skin alone leading up to your appointment. 

  • Eyelash extensions

Now, we’re not telling you to avoid them completely, just avoid getting them done 24-48hrs prior to your appointment. If the glue used for your extensions hasn’t dried completely before your facial, you run the risk of damaging your lashes. It’s also a good idea to let your aesthetician know you have eyelash extensions, so she can take care while working around them.

  • Avoid trying new products

Heading into your facial appointment, stick to the products you know and love. There always comes a risk of irritation when trying new products, but that irritation can limit or hinder the effects of your facial. Stick to what you know and leave the experimenting for after your appointment!

  • Book your facial at least 3 days prior to an event

While getting a facial before an event is recommended, especially if you’re looking for glowing and beautiful skin, it’s important to give yourself a couple days between your appointment and event. In the days immediately following your appointment you may notice redness or irritation, which is completely normal. Avoid that getting in the way of your event by planning accordingly. 

Tips for the day of your appointment:

  • Understand your skin issues

Prior to your facial you’ll have a chance to speak with your aesthetician regarding your current skincare routine and any issues you’re dealing with currently or in the past. Skin issues range from dryness, excessive oiliness, sensitivities, or acne prone skin. Write them down so you don’t forget. 

  • Bring in your current skin care products

Bringing in your products or taking pictures of them to show your aesthetician helps them help you take the best care of your skin. They can give you feedback on what you’re using currently or recommend products to try. 

  • Workout before your appointment

If you have a workout scheduled for the same day as your facial, do it beforehand to avoid sweat, heat, and dirt irritating your freshly exfoliated skin. 

  • Hydrate

Drinking lots of water in the days and hours leading up to your facial helps keep your skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin can lead to irritation, excessive dryness, and sensitive skin during your facial. 

  • Come in with a clean face

Avoid wearing make-up the day of your facial, or remove it prior to your appointment. Make-up clogs pores and will be removed during your appointment regardless, so skip it and come in clean faced for best results. 

Following these tips prior to your Crystal Healing Facial will set you up for an enjoyable, relaxing, and effective facial treatment. Book your treatment today and let us pamper you. This is the perfect facial as a Grad gift, for weddings and photoshoots, or to rehydrate your skin after winter.

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